The Cinderella Story

I started cutting up clothing in high school. It was rewarding, fun, and felt good to be able to express my unique style. Now I want to help everyone learn to do the same. I have a lot of tricks on how to make clothing feel and look better, while becoming completely unique and customized in a matter of minutes.

When I graduated I launched a clothing line and called it Cinderella Sew. I sold some pieces to friends and learnt more about what I would need to have a successful clothing line.

I soon realized that I would need to sell a lot of clothes in order to earn money. I started playing around with a website that would sell tutorials, and posted some videos on Youtube to promote my website. I didn't pay too much attention to the amount of hits I was getting, and instead focused on how to make an online business.

A year later I realized some of my videos were gaining a lot of attention. I loved making Youtube videos and it was exciting to get comments from people around the world.

I love posting videos and I am passionate about reusing old fabric, Youtube, and sharing easy ways to customize your clothing!


Laura and Cinderella Sew


Unknown said…
Hello Cinderella Sew :)
If you are ever looking for quality sewing machine and serger repairs in Halifax as well as parts and pieces you can reach me through my Facebook page.
The Perfect Stitch Sewing Machine & Serger Repairs
Cinderella Sew said…
cool thank you! happy sewing!
My Main Man Pat said…
Thank you @CinderellaSew for breathing new life into some of our old threads. They may have gone to waste without you and I hope more people start practicing what you are preaching!
Cinderella Sew said…
Thank YOU for supplying such dope threads to play with... my preferred patches, shirts, sweaters, and brand. More to come each year!

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