The Cinderella Story

Welcome to Cinderella Sew! Our goal is to show you how easy and cool it is to change your old clothing into new designs. Here is a bit of the story on how the business changed from a clothing line to sewing classes, and found a fairy tale ending as a Youtube Channel!

I started cutting up clothing in high school. It was rewarding, fun, and felt good to be able to express my unique style. Now I want to help everyone learn to do the same. I have a lot of tricks and know the easiest way to do things. You can make clothing feel better, look better, and become completely unique in a matter of minutes.

Instead of buying fabric and trying to make something from scratch (which I did try and failed at many, many times) I would spend a small amount of money on recycled clothing at thrift shops and make little changes that would completely change the look. Making a long skirt into a short skirt was easy, inexpensive, and environmental. And I was creating something completely unique. Style with a story.

When I started working and thinking about what I wanted to do with my life, I decided to try to start a business. I knew other people had success following their dreams, so I tried to figure out what my dream was. I thought it would be something in the fashion industry where I could use my passion for designing clothes. I launched a clothing line and called it Cinderella Sew. I sold some pieces to friends and learnt more about what I would need to have a successful clothing line.

I soon realized that I would need to sell a lot of clothes in order to earn money. And using recycled fabric, which I was becoming more passionate about, was not a very viable option. I went back to school to sit in on an entrepreneurship course called Starting Lean. In that class I learned how important it was to pivot your business based on customer feedback. I started listening to customers say that they would love to learn to sew and make their own clothing. Well that was easy! I would love to teach other people how easy it can be to alter clothing, so I thought maybe my business would be sewing classes. I also knew that young girls were very interested in fashion, and always signing up to programs and classes, so I tried to focus on sewing classes for kids.

I hosted a few birthday parties and had a lot of fun teaching children and seeing how creative they were. I loved this but it was still difficult to turn it into a business that was making steady revenue.

I started playing around with a website that would sell tutorials, and posted some Youtube videos to promote my website. I didn't pay too much attention to the amount of hits I was getting, and instead focused on how to make an online business.

A year later I realized some of my videos were gaining a lot of attention. I applied to have advertising on my videos and still didn't think too much about it. I was trying really hard to create a business, but I was missing the fact that a business was being created before my own eyes. I loved making Youtube videos and it was an easy business model for me because it didn't require too much attention. Beyond making and posting the videos, I was free to do other things.

When I entered an entrepreneurship program I still thought that sewing classes was going to be the best business for me. But at the same time, my Youtube channel started earning advertising revenue. I tried really hard to advertise my classes, but it wasn't getting any customers. And then Youtube, which I loved, seemed to be the only thing making money any more. This was awesome! I knew how to do Youtube, and decided from now on I would focus solely on making videos and growing my channel. It was a big weight off my chest and made me feel really excited about the future.

I now post videos as often as I can, and love every part of it. My channel is steadily growing, and I can't wait to see what happens down the line! That is my story for now and I appreciate your reading it! Please reach out with any comments, questions, or feedback as I love to hear it.

I am still passionate about reusing old fabric, customizing your style, and finding a business and passion that is right for you. Sometimes your dreams find you :)

Blessings and Love,

Laura and Cinderella Sew


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