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Welcome to Cinderella Sew! Here's a little about me:

I started cutting up clothing in high school. It was rewarding, fun, and felt good to be able to express my unique style. Now I want to help everyone learn to do the same. I have a lot of tricks and know the easiest way to do things. You can make clothing feel better, look better, and become completely unique in a matter of minutes.
Instead of buying fabric and trying to make something from scratch (which I did try and failed at many, many times) I would spend a small amount of money on recycled clothing at thrift shops and make little changes that would completely change the look. Making a long skirt into a short skirt was easy, inexpensive, and environmental. And I was creating something completely unique. Style with a story.

Now I use mainly cotton t-shirts because they are durable, comfortable, and there are so many cool t-shirts out there to find. I have all these easy tricks to make your clothing more flattering, comfortable, and to suit your personal style.
We are all unique and have our style to express in our clothing. I would love to help you achieve that goal. And get your creative juices flowing into sewing. I use mainly hand sewing. This is an easy, inexpensive, and fool proof way to sew. No machines needed!
Thanks sew much for visiting and I hope to help you create your own style with a story.
You are awesome and I hope to help you feel that way, everyday!
Laura Walton and Cinderella Sew


  1. Hello Cinderella Sew :)
    If you are ever looking for quality sewing machine and serger repairs in Halifax as well as parts and pieces you can reach me through my Facebook page.
    The Perfect Stitch Sewing Machine & Serger Repairs

  2. Thank you @CinderellaSew for breathing new life into some of our old threads. They may have gone to waste without you and I hope more people start practicing what you are preaching!

    1. Thank YOU for supplying such dope threads to play with... my preferred patches, shirts, sweaters, and brand. More to come each year!


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