Make a tshirt patch - Cut a t shirt into a patch - Add a patch to your c...

Bored of a sweater or tshirt? Want to refresh your wardrobe? Or have a t-shirt you love the image on, but don't like the fit or don't wear it often? Cut out the image off one shirt and sew it onto another. It's easy, you don't need a sewing machine, and it is recycling and customizing your clothing!

This is an easy tutorial on how to properly cut out an image and sew it by hand onto another item of clothing. Make something old into something new and dope!

I do this every season, I even did it last night. And if you don't like what it looks like, simply take off the patch and add to something else. The recycle cycle!

Love and good sewing,

Cinderella Sew

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