Talking About Practice

I have been sewing and making clothes since I was a teenager.
A long time! It sounds like I would have learned all the possible stitches, shapes, and methods by now. However there are still sew many left to learn. It is exciting to think of all the possibilities ahead, designs to master, and stitches to discover.
As in life, sewing is all about experimenting and practicing.

The more I sew, the more new things I try, and the more excited I get about the future things I will discover.
Recently a friend told me, about the striped patch sweater I made, that is was her favourite design I have made yet. At first, in a flash, these words made me feel a bit down. Oh, I thought, you don’t like my other pieces?
Yet really, this is the kind of comment you want to hear! You want to feel that you are getting better, creating cooler and cooler things, that you are reaching more people with your art.
"Practice makes perfect" is a line I like to think of in a new way. To me, perfection is developing yourself. If you are always trying to improve, learn, gain, that is a form of perfection. A movement. A verb instead of a stagnant goal. If you are always trying to learn and improve yourself, that is perfection.
So have fun creating what you make, and remember, it’s all about enjoying the practice. Seeing what comes out next. Pushing yourself to the next level.
For me, it’s all practice.
Learn to sew and start practicing!
You will be excited to see what you create. And sew will I.
Love Laura

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